Introducing Dolby Axon.
Voice Chat for Gamers.

We thought it was time that online voice chat finally lived up to the high-tech graphics and sound found in today's games. So, we created Dolby® Axon for games and gamers.

Dolby Axon provides superior voice quality that’s free of clipping, echo, and unwanted noise. Playing games that have Dolby Axon already baked in lets you unlock even more features.

Voice chat has never sounded better.

Download Dolby Axon Desktop Client today.
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Dolby Axon

Dolby Axon
Desktop Client
This voice chat application enables you to communicate clearly and efficiently with your teammates and friends. It offers high-quality surround sound, server-hosted permanent chat rooms, and an easy-to-use interface—all in a lightweight package. And, it's free.

Dolby Axon
in Games
When developers integrate Dolby Axon into games, voices get mapped to the action and they sound more natural. Dolby Axon also enables developers to create features that use voice in exciting new ways.

The Dolby Axon desktop client requires Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7.

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